Tuesday, December 11, 2007


saturday me and my boy scout troop went on a "survival campout" but we couldn't go to clintan lake but the roads were "too dangerous" to travel on so we marched around the woods behind my shcool (thats were we met) with my heavy pack on my shoulders then i made a igloo to sleep in and then when i wnt to bed i realized I didn't put a small hole in the top like I was supposed to ....I thought about it and said to my self "its probally not important" later I ran out of air and had to open up and had to stick my head out the hole and the all the heat went out and then later my water bottle (which was in my sleeping bag so it wouldn't freeze so I could cook with it in the morning) it begun to sweat cause you know how water bottle that are frozen and the warm up sweat so my sleeping bag got wet so I got wet so I got cold so I had to get out before I froze so i got out got my coats on and stuff and went out and sta by the remains of the fire ( one hot coal) so i sat and sat (it was 1:30 in the morning) and sat and I still can't feel my toes my nose still is a bit red but when I first got home It was as bright as could be so I made up this song

Rudalf the red nose boy scout had a very shiny nose
and if you ever aw it you would swear it glows

Rudalf the red nose boy scout didn't prepare
and if you ever saw him you'd see his shivering glare

Rudalf the red nose boy scout had frozen toes
and if you ever saw them you'd say "what are those"

Rudalf with your jacket so light won't you freeze to death tonight

after that I slept for 15 1/2 hours