Monday, May 3, 2010


yeah well I promised I'd post something up hear... I think shes the only one who is going to be reading it.... but oh well I promised so.. yeah.
I had a track meet today, discus and half mile. I placed in both events, (as a sophmore I might add) I threw 90 feet in discuss, and got a 2:19 in the 800 meter (1/2mile). thats a new personal record in discus (and the second best throw of the entire team this year), but it only got 6th place. I got fourth in the 800, with both of these events I got 5 points for the team, and considering we only got 85 points, thats not to shabby.
May is so busy, I'm surprised i find time to breath. I miss my phone right now, I wonder when I'll get it back. yeah I can't wait till summer....when hopefully I'll have a job, but with or without a job I'll still have more free time. next year is going to be even busier this time of year, maybe it was stupid to run for student counsl treasure. I'm kinda rambling on at this point so yeah I hope this makes you happy.