Saturday, October 6, 2007

Well I haven't posted in a while so HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh I guess I'll tell about my soccer games on monday we owned 4-0 in the first half then in the second half she put all the offense on defence and the defence on offense so we only got 1 the second half so the total score was 5-0 on thursday we played our arch rivals and it was close the first half they score on penalty kick then on the second half they scored 3 on our worse goalie so the score was 4-0 we lost but even though we lost by 4 points it was one of the funnest game we had yet....... besides we are pretty sure we saw a lady give the refs checks. and then the ref got an assist on goal and changed his hand ball call so that they scored so yeah they were obviously paid


Edna said...

You weren't at rehearsal yesterday, ya not comin' every time??
Are you coming Monday?
I'm there Monday for the next few weeks, I beleive.
Tapping my heart out. It's a tiering process.

Jobie said...

soccer is almost over and I'll start coming more

Edna said...


Edna said...

Well, not yeay for soccer, but I'll see you again =D

Edna said...

FWEEEH!!! I saw you at rehearsal!!

Libby said...

ok wow...i hate soccer. grr. that is the sport that i failed miserably at. really. watch me play and YOULL SEE!!!! haha ok im done. Adjö.