Saturday, November 3, 2007

catch up

I haven't posted in a month so I have alot to say so I bullit point will help

-we one the first tournmant game (we had a lead of 3first half then 4-4 second then no one scored over time and we won in the pentaty kicks) and advanced to the next round
(jouinor high history as the first to go to the next round)

-We lost the next match to kccc (our arcch rivals) 2-0 instead of 4-0 like last time.

-I singed the paper and so its official I am green room conssesions.

-what was my best supject last year is my worst this year (I blame the new teacher she isn't as good as Mr. Burd)

-I have a face book and my name is Dolly Llama

-I'm most likely getting a cell phone for christmas so I'm really happy

-I didn't get much candy for halloween and I lost the costum contest so I didn't get the Wii (the winner was a claw machine and his face stuck out of a teddy bear and the claw was on his head) But Ihad the coolest zorro costume you have ever seen and I had a tape recorder taped to my back so where ever I went the many different theme songs from the years played behind me.


Libby said...

ohhh that was YOU that invited me on facebook?!?! I was wondering... well i dont have a facebook and my mom wont let me get one so sorry. :-(

.::Malfoy's Girl::. said...

Go TCH!!

Jobie said...

Malfoy's girl......?????? either some one is tring to trick me by changin there name or i don't know you, pleas explain

Libby said...

ohh haha malfoys girl is my bff emily...haha?? shes not a stalker or anything. lol

Jobie said...

oh ok well um nice to meet you i guess ....if you can call this meeting

Edna said...

That other costume sounds interesting, but I think yours was SNAZZY!
How'd you get the box thing to play the music??