Friday, November 16, 2007


well I worked in the green room yesterday and the main reason I said I'd be there is so I could tlk to you when you come down and NNOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only people that talked to me were people I barely know and linsdey the rest of you just like ignored me............. on the bright I got a free brownie for working down there.


Libby said...

OMG. i did NOT ignore u!! i talked to u EVERY SINGLE TIME I BOUGHT SOMETHING. OHHH!!!! im not gonna stay and talk 2 u the whole freaking time!! i have other friends you kno!!!!!!!! ok. im done. dont b mad. :(

.::Malfoy's Girl::. said...

Haha!! That would be me and Wheeler. lol Hey, Joe. (We call ya that now. xD) Whats ur email??? I want ya to go to meh blog!! Ok then.....ya. Bye. :)

(Malfoys Girl)

.::Malfoy's Girl::. said...

oH AND HAVE A happy thanks givin'!!! Actually, it passed....yesterday.....HARRY POTTER ROCKS!!!!!!!!


Edna said...

I sorry :-(
I was all like "bleh" And then this thing was all like "WOAH!"
And then this person was like "Wacky..." So that's why. :-)